Artistic Direction Concerning Lusynda
by Grey Garou

I've decided to re-focus some story aspects of Lusynda to give me a broader perspective for my storytelling elements.  No, not decrease breast size, but to put more emphasis on the fantasy storytelling aspect.  I don't want the focus of my story to be exclusively on how many big boobs I can draw, since erotica isn't the sole focus of my storytelling.  As always, I make no apologies on how I draw women and prefer to draw them top-heavy and athletic, but I found I was creating an ambience that was allowing the erotica to overwhelm any other aspect of the story.   The well-endowed women are only a subordinate element in this comic, albeit a strong one.  I know there are many who would either say it's impossible not to have a fetish overtone without drawing normal proportions or that the exaggerated anatomy discredits my artistic endeavours.   There's not much I can do or care to do in that regard to critics.

People can like my work for whatever reason they wish.  I've never had a problem with anybody enjoying how I draw women.  Hell, I'm glad to hear it's liked.  For those who enjoy my top-heavy ladies, don't worry....they aren't going to vanish.  And there will be strong sexual elements in the story, just with more of a purpose in the story.  I just want my story to evolve freely without worrying about the boob count.  Erotic stories aren't an oxymoron, after all.

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