Artistic Decisions
by Grey Garou

Page 15 took an exceptionally long time, granted the holidays were in full swing back then, but I have come to realize that something else was slowing down my artwork.  For nearly a year, I've been trying to reconcile digital effects with my traditional line shading and tones.  No matter what I tried, it never seemed to completely mesh and affected the flow of the artwork to me.  It seems I must sacrifice part of my art's personality to make room for effects that I know now are not needed to make my art stand out.   I kept fumbling around trying to figure out what parts of my line art I had to forsake to fit in all these digital effects, and that difficulty was slowing me down more and more.

Perhaps I lack the necessary skill for that kind of endeavor in my art, or maybe my artwork just isn't computer-friendly.  I've decided that with my black and white art, I will stick to my traditional tools.  They have served me well since I was a child, and I don't really see a reason that my art can't exist without digital fidgeting.  That isn't to say I've abandoned digital, or consider digital art unworthy. Just because I can do it doesn't mean I have to incorporate them into my art. 

From now on, Perils Of Lusynda will be in the traditional line art that I've done for years, with the exception of the lettering.  The art will go faster, and I will feel far more satisfied with it.

And thanks to everybody to checks out my art and especially to the people who subscribe to POL.  I enjoy immensely sharing my art with you all.

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