Just A Bit About Lusynda And Myself
by Grey Garou

I'm a comic book artist who has always enjoyed the medium.  I enjoy telling a story with sequential art and have focused my efforts on developing my skills in drawing the human body. I spent fifteen years attempting to get into the comic book industry with very little success, so I'm diving into webcomics if nothing else to bring my work to an audience.   I'm also a pin-up/fantasy artist, the vast majority of it female. 

I have done a lot of work that has been called fetish-oriented, the most obvious one is my special appreciation for well-endowed women.  You'll find that a lot in Perils of Lusynda, but nothing ridiculously exaggerated.  These women, after all, have to be able to swing a sword and fight.  I always look to make the characters with plenty of allure and appeal (except when called for otherwise, such as somebody very old) yet I try to filter out the misogyny and try to have some fun with it.  But it will lean more on the serious side since it's a darker story. 

POL is a fantasy/adventure/erotic comic, a bit more sword than sorcery, kind of gritty, tough.  Lusynda isn't a hero or even an anti-hero, I'd call her more of an un-hero.  And a woman who has no shame about her body or being a woman.  To her, having her breasts exposed is nothing more shocking than a guy showing his bare chest (that will factor into her interactions with "civilized" kingdoms.  But don't worry, I'm not going to make the comic story just excuses to get naked and intimate (although that will happen a lot).  I am a firm believer in that an erotic or erotic-themed story can have plenty of story, that it can have more to follow than just the bounce of the breasts. 

I look forward to continuing the story past the six-page prolouge, and I hope you can enjoy the comic as well.

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