Comic 49 - End Of Part One

14th May 2017, 10:59 PM
End Of Part One
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Grey Garou 14th May 2017, 10:59 PM edit delete
Grey Garou
And here we have the final page of part one. And it's significant for other reasons.

As of this page, I'm putting Lusynda on the shelf. I really need to re-evaluate her story and decide on a better course for her because how things are going, my motivation is going to continue to erode. I've been dissatisfied with both the story continuity and art inconsistencies, and it's affected my dedication to Lusynda.

When I drew the original six-pager back in 2005, I had no intention then of continuing the story. It was a submission to a magazine, nothing more. When I decided to continue it in 2012, I did not plan it out nearly enough and I continued a story that didn't have a proper beginning. I've wanted to go into far more detail about Lusynda's world, past, and relation with the Ferals, but the story didn't seem to fit. And of course many things have happened in my life since 2012.

I won't abandon Lusynda. I might start a new webcomic, or a different take on Lusynda. I haven't decided yet. But I do appreciate the attention and comments on my barbarian bunny and her bouncy exploits. Comics are in my blood and I will never abandon the art form.



CyberSkull 20th May 2017, 4:17 PM edit delete reply
As long as you have fun making it, we'll have fun reading it. ;)
40.oz 20th Nov 2017, 5:10 AM edit delete reply
Finally! She got that slaver out of her hair. Evidently the slaver was full of crap. How can she have Lusynda hunted down if her people execute her for losing the mine?
40.oz 10th Sep 2019, 5:45 PM edit delete reply
Please, please, please come back!!!!
40.oz 10th Sep 2019, 5:49 PM edit delete reply
We don't care what it is. Just give us more of this magic, Brutha. I beg you!!!!
Grey Garou 12th Sep 2019, 4:39 PM edit delete reply
Grey Garou
Rest assured, I have NOT abandoned her. I'm working on a short story about her which I shall post here on Comic Fury.
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